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  • 270gsm FSC certified 
  • Comes with an envelope
  • 14.8cm x 10.5cm
  • Blank inside 
  • Handprinted in London, UK

    Colors may vary from one screen to another. The photos are there to give you an idea of the color and not the color accurately.

    A word from Stephanie

    We discovered Mean Mail at the London Design Fair. Vicky's cards made us laugh so much that we stayed in front of her booth for half an hour! It was obvious for us to order some.

    About the brand

    Mean Mail make cards for those you love and love to hate. They’re inspired by the way friends talk to each other and the Oscar Wilde quote “True friends stab you in the front.”

    All Mean Mails are made in the UK using responsibly sourced materials with an eco-conscious printer. 

    Mean Mail was created by Vicky Simmons, an art director with a penchant for brutal honesty and eye rolls. The first card she designed was for Valentine’s and said ‘I’d like to keep this when we split up.’ to give to her then boyfriend. They’re still together (just).