Our makers

The products we select are mainly handcrafted and mostly made with love  in Europe. We work by crushes but certain criteria such as color, originality and ethics must be met.

Please discover them all here:

A, B, C  

Aykasa - AYM - Bougie Woogie - Brooklyn Candle Studio - Chunks

D, E, F  

Elene Vernijns - Foekje Fleur

J, K, L 

Jour Férié - Kind Bag - Krakra - Lex Pott - Los Objetos Decorativos

M, N, O

Madriguera Workshop - Mar e Sol - Mari Masot - Mean Mail - Miklø - Mim Candles - Mira - mo man tai - Nat + Noor - Nata - Neenineen - Night Time Holiday 

P, Q, R

Pink Stories - Redo Papers - Re-leaf

S, T, U

Severj Studio - Sloe - To:From

V, W, X

Valentin Lebigot - Wandering Bud - Warren & Laetitia - Write Sketch &