Home goods curated from independent makers for a cool, fun and colorful life!

We are a modern craft and design concept store

Why Re-leaf?

Our mission is to promote modern makers through our curated selection. We invite you to make your home and lifestyle more fun with fabulous objects that deserve to be seen.

First look

We believe that beautiful objects, whether purely decorative or useful, enhance your daily life. Who doesn't love to be in a beautifully decorated home? 

Always a story behind

We also believe that these beautiful objects should tell you a story. It's in what they tell that their beauty is found. That's why we work with small and medium-sized brands that design and manufacture in the traditional way. Each object is mostly handmade with a lot of love, sweat, joy but also excitement. Each object is made by a real person who is passionate about their art.

One person business run

Each of these objects is also made in limited quantities for each production run. Most of our creators work alone in their workshop, so the delays are longer.

We are convinced that we must change the way we consume. The slow design shows us that we can also consume decoration or design, in a broader way, in a responsible, ecological and fair way. We think that we should go back to more essential things: buy less but better.


Let's live a colorful and slow life!

how it all began

Who we are?

We are a couple from Brussels: Steph & JB. We started this adventure in 2018 after a trip to New York. The energy, creativity and excitement that emerges from this city gave us the impulse to start.