Two-part pot NB2 in aqua


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Two-part pot NB2 in aqua pot Mari Masot
Two-part pot NB2 in aqua pot Mari Masot

Between sculpture and practical object, the two parts pots will find their place in all interiors. The top and base are interchangeable with the other pieces of this series. It can be used as a plant pot or as a decorative object.


  • Unglazed and pigmented Catalan stoneware
  • Dimensions: approx. 22 cm x 11 cm
  • The pieces are entirely handmade and for this reason, will vary slightly and show signs of their handcrafted nature.

Care instructions

These pieces are made from a sandy clay texture, which remains slightly porous after firing. This makes them perfect for plants because the roots can breathe more easily. When it's time to water the plant, take the top part to a sink or other place where water can drain freely before placing it back on the base. The base of the two parts pot is designed to catch a few drops but not to hold a lot of water. For this reason, we do not recommend that you use this pot as a vase.

A word from Stephanie

I am a plant and beautiful objects lover, especially plant pots. The day I discovered Mari Masot pots, I knew immediately that it would be a long and beautiful love story. Whether you want to put a plant in them or simply to enhance your decoration, these two parts pots are fabulous. I love the fact that I can play with and interchange the bases and tops with each other. 

Two-part pot NB2 in aqua pot Mari Masot
Two-part pot NB2 in aqua pot Mari Masot