Sitting pot


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Sitting pot - releafshop
Sitting pot - releafshop
Sitting pot - releafshop

Handmade ceramic pot with square shape. Looks like a little man sitting down. No drainage hole.


  • High: 12 cm
  • Inside dimensions: 7 cm wide, 8 cm high and 7 cm long
  • Material: ceramic
  • Fully glazed (inside and outside) for optimal cleaning

These pots are entirely handmade. The manufacturing process does not allow to accurately reproduce each piece.

A word from Stephanie

I love the cheerful and sunny ceramics this couple created from their home! Functional and aesthetic ceramics for all interiors.

About the brand

Before being a potter, Llamas was a sculptor and Lydia was a photographer and artistic director. In 2012, they decided that ceramics was the ideal material to develop their joint project, its global possibilities captivated them.

After a lot of training and research, they learned the necessary know-how to make something beautiful with their hands. They learned everything there is to know about the material, and after several projects, in 2015, they inaugurated the Madriguera workshop!

Madriguera (in Spanish means - terrier-), in reference to the small workshop where it all began. It was a small room where they spent hours and hours working without seeing daylight.

Their studio is now located in Galicia - Spain, from where they design and produce creative ceramics for a contemporary lifestyle.

The process is entirely artisanal. Some pieces are made on a potter's wheel in different stoneware clays, others are reproduced by plaster moulds.

Sitting pot - releafshop
Sitting pot - releafshop
Sitting pot - releafshop