Sienna hair clip in green forest


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Sienna hair clip in green forest clips Nat + Noor
Sienna hair clip in green forest clips Nat + Noor

These hair clips are perfect for a stylish spring and summer hairstyle. It is going to become an obsession for you to use them every day to give your hair some style!


  • Set of 2 barrettes
  • Color: green forest
  • Dimensions: from 1 cm to approx. 2.5 cm wide and from 6 cm to approx. 8 cm long.
  • Depending on the style: metal, cellulose acetate, plastic or acrylic material.


A word from Stephanie

I stumbled upon a picture of the Nat + Noor clips on instagram and it was love at first sight! Honestly, how to resist to those clips? Impossible for me. The different shapes are very design and cool. They allow you to choose according to your hair type. And the colors are really beautiful, both in real life and in pictures. They'll go great with all your outfits, believe me!


About the brand

Nat + Noor is a brand of jewelry and accessories with a singular aesthetic. Nat is the abbreviation of Natalia (the founder) and Noor means light in Arabic. For her, light means everything that is beautiful and pleasant. She invests a lot of time and energy in the creation of beautiful and high-quality designs. It's all in the practical and fun combo! The idea is to spread more NOOR!

They work with manufacturers in Asia on the design and production process.

At NAT + NOOR, they are very conscious of waste and the use of renewable materials. It's easy to label something as ecological, sustainable or natural. However, there are many factors that really make it possible to care about the environment and make a difference. There is the manufacturing process, all shipping materials and the product itself. Natalia comes from an environment where there is a deep concern for environmental issues. They haven't perfected all aspects of our company's sustainability yet. But they are determined to improve. They are determined to be aware of the whole process: waste, ethics and everything else that goes into making a product. They deliberately try to be transparent about their process, constantly trying to improve it and solve problems in order to reduce the impact on the environment.

Sienna hair clip in green forest clips Nat + Noor
Sienna hair clip in green forest clips Nat + Noor