Rooftop garden


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Rooftop garden Candle SUN.DAY LONDON
Rooftop garden Candle SUN.DAY LONDON
Rooftop garden Candle SUN.DAY LONDON

The Rooftop Garden candle is inspired by the garden of the founders of SUN.DAY. It's located on their mini roof overlooking the London skyline. It's a little heaven in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, where they grow lavender, thyme, basil and jasmine.

This delicious candle will bring that subtle blend of relaxation and freshness that only a fresh herb garden can provide, right into your home.

The five essential oils literally immerse you in the rich, natural notes of a garden, with the earthy, spicy scents of thyme and basil, the floral lingering notes of lavender and ylang ylang and the citrusy hint of bergamot. As your home fills up with wise natural scents, bergamot, thyme and ylang-ylang will calm you while basil and lavender will comfort you.

The candles are enriched three times with pure essential oils derived exclusively from aromatherapy, in a blend of creamy coconut wax and GMO-free vegetable wax, with a 100% pure cotton wick. They are always handmade in small quantities, without palm oil, perfume or synthetic components.


  • 120ml
  • Burns about 30 hours
  • The candles are poured into apothecary jars produced in the United Kingdom.
  • Handmade in London


A word from Stephanie 

During our last stay in London, we got lost in the east for our greatest pleasure. From ceramists' workshops to small designer markets, we had the opportunity to discover great craftsmen. We came across SUN.DAY botanical candles at a market and it was a big olfactory crush. They smell good and are above all therapeutic. To have at home, absolutely!


About the brand

The SUN.DAY OF LONDON’s story began in a small mountain town where a family handpicked wild herbs and plants to make pomades, teas and soaps for the locals. Years later, this way of life has been passed down from generation to generation, and their founder still exploits the properties of nature and has applied the same philosophy to their range of home fragrances.

They handcraft botanical candles that bring a sense of balance and tranquillity to your home, exploiting the essence of nature that can often get lost in a busy lifestyle.

No part of their candle range is mass-produced in a country where labour is reduced at low cost. Everything they use is carefully selected, local and above all natural.

Rooftop garden Candle SUN.DAY LONDON
Rooftop garden Candle SUN.DAY LONDON
Rooftop garden Candle SUN.DAY LONDON