Firming oil "Rien que pour vos seins"


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Firming oil "Rien que pour vos seins" cosmetics Mira
Firming oil "Rien que pour vos seins" cosmetics Mira

This pure oil-based serum will not only moisturize and nourish your breasts but will also provide firmness and shape. 

This firming serum « Rien que pour vos seins » is made up of only 6 ingredients, all-natural and ultra-effective. Vitamins and essential fatty acids from the vegetable oils of moringa, marula, and safflower, combined with daisy oil to naturally firm your breasts over the long term; and palmarosa essential oil for the rose note. 


  • 30ml of natural treasure. 
  • Glass bottle, with a pipette, ringed with natural bamboo. 

Where does this product come from?

The Provencal Alps, rough; the arid lands of southern Madagascar; the rich lands of the Southwest and the gentle shores of the Indian Ocean. Quite a program.

« Rien que pour mes seins » is for me if :

  • I want to keep a curved bust 
  • I don't want to use chemicals, complex products on my chest
  • I prefer to prevent that healing and keeping firm skin is a priority. 


Apply "Just for your breasts" to the bust in light circular massages; preferably in a night routine.


The composition of "Rien que pour vos seins" is simple: daisy oil (oily macerate), kukui oil, safflower oil, moringa oil, marula oil, palmarosa essential oil. Nothing but the best.

Our safflower and daisy oils come from France, our moringa, marula, kukui, and palmarosa essential oils come from Madagascar,

Daisy oil (macerate)Known for its firming effect, we have placed this oily macerate at the heart of our serum. 

Vitamin ENaturally rich in moringa and marula oils, it is a natural preservative. The anti-aging.

Vitamin AThe anti-oxidant. Naturally! It is also present in our marula and moringa oils.

Omega-3Essential fatty acid. The body needs it, it does not produce it naturally. Your skin needs it even more. Omega-3 is the most sought-after essential fatty acid. Very present in kukui oil, it helps to firm your skin over the long term by nourishing it.

A word from Stephanie

From the very beginning, I clearly had in mind to offer you a range of cosmetic products. It took a year for this to happen. I'm very happy that it's with an ethical and vegan French brand. High-quality oils to take care of you!

Firming oil "Rien que pour vos seins" cosmetics Mira
Firming oil "Rien que pour vos seins" cosmetics Mira