About Re-leaf

Re-leaf is a contemporary craft online store. 

Our mission is to promote contemporary craftsmen but also to help you cheer up and elevate your home and lifestyle with fabulous objects that deserve to be seen.

We believe that beautiful objects, whether purely decorative or useful, improve your daily life. Who doesn't enjoy get in a beautifully decorated interior? 

We also think that these beautiful objects should tell you a story. It is in what they transmit that all their beauty is found. This is why we work with small and medium-sized brands who create and manufacture in a traditional way. Each object is handmade with a lot of love, sweat, joy but also irritation. Each object is made by a real person who is passionate about his art.

Each of these objects is manufactured in limited quantities at each production series. Most of our creators work alone in their studios so it takes longer.

We are convinced that we must change the way we consume. These last years, we have seen these changes in food but also, little by little, in fashion. Slow design shows us that it is also possible to consume decoration or design, in a broader way, in a responsible, ecological and fair way. We think we need to go back to more essential things: buy less but better.

    Who we are? 

    We are a couple from Brussels: Steph & JB. We started this adventure in 2018 after a trip to New York. The energy, creativity and excitement that emerges from this city gave us the impulse to start.

    Steph is really passionate about decoration, color and strong pieces. She is the one who spends hours searching on instagram and elsewhere for emerging artisans. She is also the one behind the insta account of Re-leaf.

    JB is the one who made it all happen. He is the magician! He intervenes in all the choices of new products and likes to talk about it around him. He is the sales master.