Miklø is a young cosmetic Belgian brand.  

Natural & vegan All their products are made with natural and vegan ingredients. They are committed to helping you take care of your body while respecting the environment and every living being. They work with unrefined plant-based oils and butters to keep all their beneficial properties for your skin. When it comes to their deodorants, they don’t use baking soda, aluminum, or alcohol that might be too aggressive for sensitive skin.  

Handcrafted in Belgium They handcraft all their products in Belgium because they want to encourage the short circuit between producers and consumers. Their products are available on their website as well as in physical or online Belgian shops that share their values.  

Low waste In 2018, 359 billion tons of plastic were produced worldwide. However, we know how much impact plastic consumption has on the environment today. For this reason, it was important for them to go plastic-free. Their packaging made with recyclable paper tubes is easy to use and even easier to recycle.