Severj studio

For a long time, Zeynep, the founder, wanted to have her own playground but never had the opportunity. It started with her curiosity for architecture, furniture, and objects. She wanted to make something with her hands, but it took her a while to figure out how to do it. She started learning ceramics by taking a first glass blowing class and then taking a wheel training class.

There was a building she went back and forth to during her learning, where her friends' studios were located. She would stay there anytime a room was available, and everything was developing very quickly. This room was a living space where she collected all her objects and furniture for a long time. This is where she understood clay, learned the process, and began to love it.

Her goal was to produce functional objects that she would be happy to see and use on a daily basis, for herself. At some point, it was no longer only for her but also for those who see, appreciate the objects they use, value the crafts and their fields.

Severj Studio was born.