Why are we having sales anyway?

Our summer sale is officially buzzing and it’s for all! We rarely offer sales, especially of this magnitude. We believe in valuing the hard work of creators. It's also challenging for small businesses to keep up with big retailers in terms of sales. 

Why are we having sales anyway?

For several reasons:

  1. We know that people anticipate sales in July (or even throughout the year and on special occasions), some of you wait until then to finally purchase one thing or another. And we understand that and do the same for certain items.
  2. We are redefining the core of our business and need more space. By the way, stay tuned for updates. Being unique online is challenging, but we're dedicated to offering you an exceptional store!
  3. We need cash to get where we want with Re-leaf, plain and simple ;-).

This is the reason for our "Last Chance" section. By the way, We've spiced up this section with some new delights.

What's exactly the Last Chance section?

It's our enchanting bazaar, where every item has its own tale to tell. Perhaps they're stepping aside for newcomers, have a slight imperfection, or were just models for a photoshoot—regardless, it's time for them to go!

If you've got a burning question, drop a comment! We're all ears and eager to dive into your thoughts.

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