Gift ideas for puzzles enthusiasts

You all have someone in your life who loves puzzles or perhaps someone who is always stressed and doesn't know yet that he or she will enjoy doing them.

We all know that jigsaw puzzles are a great pastime that relaxes even the most tortured mind. But sometimes it still has a cheesy reputation for some.

That's where you come in! You already know that puzzles are fun and not cheesy at all. You know that it's trendy to stay at home and do jigsaws instead of clubbing. Besides, cheesy is the new hype, didn't you know that?

Puzzles that aren't cheesy at all

Look at these highly cool jigsaws. They are beautiful and they make you want them. 

These will take you to another dimension, somewhere else, far from the everyday. It promises beautiful evenings of relaxation, fun and amazement as the puzzle builds up.



For the most stressed

Here are some items that go with for a pure relaxing experience.

Some palo santo to bring good energy into your home, a nice mug for a hot comforting drink and to go further, a lemon pipe to experience a deeper relaxation.

gift ideas

Palo Santo Sticks - Sun mug - Lemon

For the Christmas fans

To get you in the mood or to offer to those Christmas freaks.

By the way, we have the perfect playlist to go with these jigsaws. And a few Christmas ornaments to complete the look. Isn't it great?

christmas gifts - puzzles - christmas decorations

Merrymaker - La neige qui tombe - Christmas Ornaments


Happy shopping and let us know what you gave and how the person reacted ☻

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