In the summer of 2016, Agni and her family moved to Barcelona, Spain, and instantly fell in love with this amazing city. After being nomads for almost 10 years, they finally felt at home. The people, weather, nature, food, and more made Barcelona the perfect place for their family of 4. In just a few years, they have completely immersed themselves in the Mediterranean lifestyle and Agni soon realized that Barcelona, their new home and studio, inspires them to do more, to create something completely new.

Step by step, the idea for the handmade home accessories brand To:From was born. offer hand scented natural soy wax candles as well as other home accessories and gifts that celebrate the colorful nature, wanderlust, and Mediterranean lifestyle. They launched the first collection before Christmas 2017 and after the success of the launch and amazing feedback, they decided to further develop To:From.

To: Your Home From: My Home