Shop Independent this Christmas: the best gifts from small businesses!

We hear it more and more: buy less but better. This is even more important in these times of peak buying. But what does it mean to buy better? It means buying from small businesses that produce in a fair and ecological way. It means buying from businesses run by one person (or many, but not 100). It means buying from people who make their own products. It's buying from Re-leaf because that's what we do. We select products made by small businesses around the world. You can find funky and colorful ideas here. This is our personal selection for this Christmas:

Funky ceramics

Receiving a nice ceramic piece is always a good idea and if they are funky, it's even better!

3D printed objects

Technology is constantly evolving and so is design, especially since the arrival of 3D printers. Some designers have taken advantage of it and it gives ultra-cool objects.

Valentin Lebigot - Warren & Laetitia


Cutest accessories

Receiving a nice accessory as a complement to another gift or even as a main gift is always a good idea.

Arches Earrings - Umbrellas - La Fabrique d'Antoinette + All accessories are cool

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