Pure Moringa oil


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Pure Moringa oil cosmetics Mira
Pure Moringa oil cosmetics Mira

Moringa oil is pure, virgin, cold-pressed. Coming from wild trees of Madagascar, the seeds that give our moringa oil grow in the best possible conditions, in respect and harmony of biodiversity. 

Moringa oil is an ally against time known for centuries in many African countries. Coming from the "Miracle Tree" of the arid lands of Madagascar, our pure moringa oil restores elasticity and suppleness to your skin thanks to the fatty acids (omega 6 and 9) and vitamins (A, B, C, E) it contains. Produced from wild trees with the greatest respect for nature, this oil will enchant you from the very first touch.

Beware, depending on the temperature and especially in winter, the oil solidifies: pass it under hot water for a few seconds and that's it!


  • Virgin oil, crude, cold-pressed. 
  • 50ml of natural treasure. 
  • Glass bottle, with a dropper ringed with natural bamboo. 

« Le seigneur de la peau » is for me if :

  • You are looking for an exceptional oil
  • You like smooth textures
  • You are looking for an exceptional quality: we have kept the pulp during the extraction to keep all the benefits of the plant, the oil is extracted and cold-pressed.
  • You are looking for a complete skin & face care

Why did they choose it?

The effectiveness of moringa oil, especially for the skin, made them choose it. The mother of one of the brand's founders had eczema problems but her skin reacted very badly to chemicals: it was moringa, applied regularly, that changed her life. Without any particular skin problem, applied as a mask after a scrub, you will be surprised by the anti-aging and regenerating effect of moringa oil. Smoother, softer, more elastic, the improvements of your skin will be impressive. It is the queen oil.


    Very nourishing, we advise you to apply it in the evening, on the face, like a night cream.

    To multiply its effects tenfold, we suggest you use it as a mask, after a scrub. Cleared of impurities, your skin will enjoy the benefits of Moringa!


    Oleic Acid (Omega 9) - The last of the three essential fatty acids: to nourish your skin in the long term, to give it flexibility, to repair it. The sebum is composed of 30% of it.

    Stearic Acid (18:0) - A structuring fatty acid. The natural sebum of the skin is composed of 11%.

    Palmitic Acid (16:0) - A stable stainless and anti-microbial fatty acid. It protects from environmental aggressions by its occlusive action.

    Vitamin E - The natural preservative. No need for addition or chemicals, vitamin E is naturally present in moringa oil. The anti-aging care is this vitamin.

    Vitamins A and C - A powerful vitamin cocktail for anti-oxidant, anti-aging, and restructuring action.

    A word from Stephanie

    From the very beginning, I clearly had in mind to offer you a range of cosmetic products. It took a year for this to happen. I'm very happy that it's with an ethical and vegan French brand. High-quality oils to take care of you!

    Pure Moringa oil cosmetics Mira
    Pure Moringa oil cosmetics Mira