Hair mask "Ricin l'enchanteur"


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Hair mask "Ricin l'enchanteur" cosmetics Mira
Hair mask "Ricin l'enchanteur" cosmetics Mira

Let the tonicity of ylang-ylang and the power of castor oil speak for themselves! As a hair mask, "Ricin l'enchanteur" oil nourishes your dry hair in depth, promotes its growth, and strengthens it from the first use. Hair is nourished and shiny, naturally. 

Do you want to know more about castor oil? Yes, here we go: castor oil is known for its action to encourage hair growth, as well as its properties against brown spots on the skin.

This is due to the ricinoleic acid contained in the oil: this acid accelerates the growth of hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, and nails. Combined with vitamin E, which moisturizes and protects the hair fiber, castor oil is the most sought-after natural hair care product. It is suitable for all hair types: fine, thick, curly, frizzy, it is always recommended.

Ylang-Ylang is above all known for its scent: used in many perfumes, Jean-Paul Guerlain's favorite flower, you'll fall for Ylang-Ylang. More than the smell, it is its properties that will delight you: the presence of geranyl acetates and linalyl regulates the secretion of sebum from your hair (and your skin too, therefore). Nothing better to ensure hydration and brightness of your hair, as well as to fight against the imperfections of the skin. And since it is really perfect, this essential oil is also recommended to fight against stress: it is hypotensive, to lower and regulate your tension. 

What could be better? It is the mixture of these two oils that gives you this magical result: Ricin l'Enchanteur.


  • 50ml of natural treasure. 
  • Glass bottle, with a pipette ringed with natural bamboo. 

« Ricin l'enchanteur » is for me if :

  • I want to fortify my hair: accelerate its growth while providing a moisturizing treatment that enhances its shine thanks to the geranyl and linalyl acetates present in Ylang-ylang.
  • I want a treatment that is ready to use, easy to use, no dosage, but 100% natural, without the slightest addition, no chemicals, no unnecessary filtering, just natural.
  • I love the sweet smell of Ylang Ylang and I dream that my hair carries it away.


Apply twice a week.

Before shampooing, apply it to your scalp by massaging with your fingertips to activate blood microcirculation, leave it on for a few hours (even overnight!) then wash your hair: it becomes soft and shiny!

Massage your nails and cuticles with a very small amount of oil to quickly (and naturally!) make them longer and stronger.

Warning, this product contains an essential oil: ylang-ylang; it is therefore not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as young children.


We have reconciled our two castors: red and white, together. To bring the power of the red castor, so concentrated in ricinoleic acid, and the hydration of the white castor, richer in essential fatty acid.

Ricinoleic acid - The key ingredient of effective castor oil. It makes up 87% of our preparation. It accelerates hair growth and fortifies it. Powerfully.

Linoleic acid (Omega-6) - Essential fatty acid: your body needs it but doesn't produce it, it needs external inputs; it's because our castor oil is endowed with it that it is so nourishing!

Sesquiterpenes - To give your hair the shine and strength it needs. The restructuring touch of ylang-ylang.

A word from Stephanie

From the very beginning, I clearly had in mind to offer you a range of cosmetic products. It took a year for this to happen. I'm very happy that it's with an ethical and vegan French brand. High-quality oils to take care of you!

Hair mask "Ricin l'enchanteur" cosmetics Mira
Hair mask "Ricin l'enchanteur" cosmetics Mira