Palo Santo scent incense


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Palo Santo incense
incense burning

The Palo Santo is known as the "sacred wood", a wild tree found in Peru. It has calming properties. When consumed, Palo Santo produces a smoke that is supposed to cleanse and purify the atmosphere against evil spirits, energies and negative forces.

Mixed with Frankincense, a warm and comfortable accord of cedar wood and the dark nature of myrrh and leather, this incense will become a classic for your interior.


  • Six units included
  • Burning time: approx. 20-30 minutes
  • Duration of the perfume: more than 2 hours.
  • Aromatherapy: 100% natural
  • The incense is handmade in the United Kingdom.
  • Holder not included.

A word from Stephanie

I'm a big fan of incense and I always have been. But it's not easy to find incense that smells different than the ones in churches, or the ones that really smell like a toilet! I think that's why incense is not so popular in our country. But you can trust us, Oneironaut incenses will seduce you quite quickly. But why do I like incense so much ? It's a kind of ritual that invites you to relax, more than with candles. You light your incense and a soft and subtle smoke is created. It will spread the scent of incense throughout your apartment. It's a moment of pure happiness!


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Palo Santo incense
incense burning